We can really save you lots of money...

There are several ways we can help save money, some provide much bigger saving than others and remember, time is also money!

Economies of scale: This can work two ways; firstly you need to centralise a large part of your print requirements, needless to say you become a much bigger client and can demand much better purchasing power; secondly, because we can store and distribute from our central Scotland warehouse facilities, you can print much larger quantities (cheaper), without having to make arrangements to store and often distribute yourselves.

Best prices: Whilst we have a significant print operation of our own in Scotland, we also have an extensive network of approved specialists throughout the UK. These companies have passed strict examinations to ensure they are reliable, experienced and economical. Some of our suppliers have worked with Formlink for almost 25 years. Our clients benefit from our purchasing power.

Formlink print audit: The biggest savings can often be discovered when we complete our print audit, this simple but comprehensive tool helps us to analyse a clients print requirements to see if there is significant waste, duplication, under/over ordering, digital v Litho comparisons, opportunities to print jobs together etc. In our experience, huge amounts of money and time are wasted each year by most companies that use printed materials.